Derbyshire BME Forum

The Derbyshire Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Engagement Forum supports the development of an infrastructure that enables the culturally diverse BME communities in Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and the wider Derbyshire areas to be actively engaged with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and provide feedback on DCC's policy and service developments.

Derbyshire County Council BME Forum Website Information

The Forum supports member organisations to deliver projects to their service users e.g. BME Carers Project, BME Mental Health Scheme.

BME Planning and Forum Meeting Dates 2020

Issues will be produced quarterly and will include up to date news about the member groups & the Forum.

BME Public Health Project

Many of the major health problems experienced by BME communities are the same as the general population however differences in culture, attitudes to health and life, lifestyle behaviours and access to and experience of health services can result in worse health in certain communities. The project aims to raise awareness and support the delivery of public health messages in their own local communities as well as raise awareness of the symptoms of various health conditions which they can be at higher risk

BME Carers Project

This project is a collaborative working arrangement between Derbyshire Carers Association (DCA) and Links. The project’s aims are to increase understanding of the availability of carers support services and increase the understanding of the services provided by DCA whilst informing them of the needs of carers from the various BME communities. This hopes to improve social inclusion and the health and wellbeing of BME Carers.

BME Domestic Abuse Support Project

Links were successful for a grant from DCC’s Community Action Grant to support BME communities with issues related to Domestic Abuse. The aims of the project are to increase the awareness on the availability of the domestic abuse support services in the county and how to improve the access to and the cultural appropriateness of the support services for the victims of domestic abuse among the diverse BME communities.

BME Youth Project

Another project that Links were successful in applying for a grant from DCC’s Community Action Grants. The pilot project aims to offer emotional support and guidance for young people aged 11-19, and up to 25 with additional needs, from the diverse BME communities in Derbyshire and those unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people and refugees who have recently arrived in the UK.

The main thrusts of the project aim to address the following issues:

Derbyshire Bilingual Crisis Buddy Service

This project aims to support those in crisis whose first language is not English gain access to a culturally sensitive Buddy who can inform them about local services and the help available, complete forms and provide translation/interpretation where needed. Links’ role is to co-ordinate the engagement of local BME groups and help them manage individuals to work as the Buddies. This project is in partnership with Direct, Help and Advice (DHA), Derbyshire Law Centre, Community Action Derby, Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centres and St. James Centre.

Race and Religion Hate Crime Innovation Project

This project aims to:

1.raise awareness of Hate Crime (in particular, race and religion);
2.inform and encourage reporting of Hate Crime;
3.Support victims of Hate Crime;
4.Promote the Hate Crime Victim Support Services which have been commissioned by the PCC.

This was funded by Derbyshire Police & Crime Commissioner and administered by the Multi-Faith Centre, Derby